Download Bio-Based World Quarterly Issue #2

Welcome to the Issue #2 of Bio-Based World Quarterly, your dedicated guide to the latest news, features and essential business developments for bio-based chemicals and products.

A huge thank you for all the feedback we’ve had since the first edition in April, we are delighted that so many of you enjoyed it and we are always looking to tweak and amend as we grow.

By downloading Issue #2 you will be able to read all about: 

  • A truly green t-shirt; the world’s first made from 100% bio-based polyester.
  • How a Tetra Top bottle with bio-based plastic hits the market with JUST water.
  • 15 key recommendations for your bio-based business in 2016.
  • An in-depth look at how orange peel is inspiring a new alternative to plastic packaging. 
  • 10 Speaker Insights from Bio-Based Products and Bio-Based Chemicals World in Amsterdam.
  • The Big Interview: Caroline Laurie, Head of Sustainability at Kingfisher.
  • News in Brief: Featuring adidas, Gevo, AVA-CO2 and more. 
  • Editor's Preview: Bio-Based Live!