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What is featured in issue 10 of the Quarterly?

  •  Expert View: Invest-ability of the bio-economy.

  •  Who are the winners of the 2018 Bio-Based World News Awards?

  •  Project Focus: How the digitalisation of bio products is boosting market connection.

  • Headliner: Professor Orla Feely, Vice-President for Research, Innovation and Impact at University College Dublin.

  • Growing the Irish forest bio-economy.

  • Project Focus: Converting dairy by-products into high value bio-based chemicals in Tipperary.

  • Biomethane on Ireland’s national gas grid for first time – a first for Ireland’s bio-economy.

  • How the ButaNexT project is helping realise the dream of cost-competitive biobutanol.

  • The Last Word with, Jeremiah Dutton, Head of Sales at Trifilon.

  • And much, much more...